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Bhanu Shrestha

980 days ago
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Bhanu S Energy profile in Nepalese household 
Project Description
The web app created for this project provides a user friendly interactive representation of data related to the available potential of renewable energy sources in Nepal. Users of the app can get information about the various subsidies and opportunities for use of alternate renewable energy sources in the country.
The app also informs the user about the potential renewable energy that they can create in their own household and compare how much energy they can save by switching to alternative sources of renewable energy.
Project Member names and email address
Adit Thapa - thapaadit@gmail.com
Ashutosh Dhoj Joshi - ashu.joshi10@gmail.com
Bhanu Shrestha - bhanu.shrestha@outlook.com
Robert Shresha - robert_shrestha2064@yahoo.com
Sanjay Khatri - lezion.blaze@live.com
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